Popinjay Productions

presents world premiere


(Priscilla, Kinky Boots)


A New Musical
Libretto by Melvyn Morrow
Music by Dion Condack
Choreography by Nathan Mark Wright
Costumes by Peter Henson

30 January - 16 February 2019

7.30pm Wed, Thurs, Fri, 2pm & 7.30pm Sat
$40 full | $35 concession | $30 preview & cheap Wed
Running time 85 minutes no interval


"As Dorian, Appelqvist is flamboyant, seductive, wittily ironic at times and very moving – it’s a magnificent performance." (4.5 stars) - ARTS HUB
"A theatrically and intellectually rich effort, Dorian Gray Naked is one of those impossibly rare moments in theatre when all elements come together to make a truly perfect whole." - LISA THATCHER
"It is never dull in its 75-minute duration, with a cabaret-style feel, ideal for the intimate Limelight on Oxford theatre setting...It is a clever piece of theatre, professionally orchestrated. Be quick to see!" - ABSOLUTE THEATRE
"Oscar Wilde would have loved this latest offering...as the talented and beautiful Appelqvist prances around the stage playing Morrow’s sensuous, erotic and very naughty creation." - ALT MEDIA
"Clever witty songs and delightful banter, two-hander musical expertly directed by Melvyn Morrow...fabricated fictions and stylish inventions, delicious humour...Recommended." - SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE
“Appelqvist is a cheeky, lively, and sometimes pouty Dorian. His vocal skill is phenomenal and added a solidity to the lyrics of this new musical.” - NIGHT WRITES
“Imaginative and appropriately flamboyant, Morrow waxes lyrical about what might have been…Performer Blake presence is a strong one that fills the room effortlessly.” - SUZY GOES SEE
“Devastatingly handsome and intelligent performer, Blake Appelqvist…He has an ascetic presence that Oscar may have admired and certainly an accompanying grace of movement…a secure and beautiful range of voice and an ability to deliver the words with impinging clarity.” - KEVIN JACKSON’S THEATRE DIARY
“A highlight was the sparkling music of composer Dion Condack. He also played the grand piano and occasionally joined Dorian in duets…Appelqvist managed the smorgasbord of musical ideas with aplomb. It was a playful and entertaining evening.” - STAGE WHISPERS

Dorian Gray is the incarnation of eternally seductive male youth - lovely and lively lads up for anything and everything. Dorian’s name summons up deliciously sensual sin on an almost industrial scale, and everyone knows the myth of Dorian remaining exquisitely young while his portrait ages in the attic.

In this two-hander musical, Dorian is given a fictional afterlife as he turns the tables on his creator, Oscar Wilde, who is himself metaphorically stripped bare as Dorian uncovers his intriguing secrets.

The Australian premiere of Dorian Gray Naked explores the character’s sexually tumultuous lifestyle and has more than one sting in its tail as triple music theatre threat, Blake Appelqvist, reveals all.


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