Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh 
Adapted by Harry Gibson

16-26 January 2019

7.30pm Wed, Thurs, Fri, 2pm & 7.30pm Sat
$35 full | $30 concession | $26 preview & cheap Wed
Running time 115 minutes including interval
Warning: the production contains strobe lighting, simulated sex, simulated drug use, simulated bodily functions, and nudity.

Winner of Sunday Times award for best new play

A high intensity award winning, rough sketch of a rough lifestyle. This is in-yer-face theatre. It’s not PC-it’s visceral, dangerous, poetic and joyful. 

Addiction is fundamental to the human condition. This
show takes an unbiased examination of people existing, coping and being
influenced by their predilections. The social realism of humans coming
together to “get worse”. Pre-dating the film, the play was one of the many
additions to the 90’s English ‘in-yer-face theatre cannon that grabbed a new
generation of audiences.


Cast Adam Golledge, Bruno Attanasio, Matthew Vautin, Jayden Muir, Shaw Cameron, Julie Bettens, Stephanie Eloise, Cassius Russell, Jenae O'Connor

Irvine Welsh on the Play

'Seeing my words performed by actors had a big impact on me. I was thinking: 'it's only my scabby wee book, what the fuck is all the fuss about?' It was when I saw them doing their lines, the whole thing was removed from my head into the world, and I saw it for the first time how others were experiencing it. I felt the power of it for the first time. I walked out there believing that I had actually done something special. I knew it would be a great play.' 

GradCo Studio is a not-for-profit organisation whose main purpose is to
create new theatre productions with graduates from Sydney Theatre School.
The organisation was founded in September 2015 when the first round of
graduates decided to take their collaboratively devised physical theatre show
on tour. These actors created the company in order to work self-sufficiently
and to continually produce their own work. Now in its 3rd year, the
company strives to make thought-provoking work and give its members
multiple opportunities to perform.

Previous shows include Misfits (Adelaide Fringe), The Birds, The Bees and the
Entire Menagerie (Sydney Fringe), CageFish (The Terminal Theatre), Speaking
In Tongues (Chippen Street Theatre) and Hannah (Sydney Fringe).


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